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  • Seemingly Simple Switch Question

    I'm an electronics moron, so I'm hoping someone can explain the how-to like they're talking to a child or a dog: I'd like to install a switch on a Tele that would be like cutting the tone knob a quarter turn for the bridge pickup only. I have a soldering iron and fire insurance. I should note that this is the "Nashville" Tele config, so, five-way switch. Help?

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    There are a few ways that Nashville wiring is done - can you post a picture of the back of your control panel to be sure we're discussing the same thing?

    To clarify the intended operation - when you switch to the bridge pickup you get the regular tone control, but when you flip the switch the tone control is disconnected and you get the fixed '1/4 down' tone instead - is that right? Are you thinking of a mini toggle switch located between the volume and tone controls, or using a push-pull pot to do this?


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      Yes, mini-toggle that cuts back bridge tone. I don't know if it will go in the plate between the knobs, because I'm afraid that might be in the way when I'm pawing at volume. I'll figure out the location. and I'll post wiring pics when I take it apart this weekend. Thanks.