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  • Cort/MightyMite

    Hi all. I recently picked up a Cort Curbow Bass with mightymite pickups. Everything initially seemed to be fine until I noticed that the treble control was doing zilch. Bass and mid ar working just fine. Thinking it could be just a wire adrift I opened it up and found all wiring just as it should be. On examining the circuit board I spotted a damaged component. I looks like a transistor but I cant be sure. The marks on it read C4G which is not very helpful as there is more than on type of componet with that code. Assuming its a transistor how can I find out if its a NPN or PNP? so far I've found it impossible to locate a circuit diagram for the board. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Show us some pictures of the board and components.


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      It seems unlikely that a transistor would be running only the treble control. What makes you say it is damaged? A picture would help.
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        Click image for larger version

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ID:	984785 No Idea why you cant see the pics in the original post.


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          Might be this:

          A BC850B should work.

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            That transistor is damaged physically but it may not the problem. Have you cleaned the pots? Trace the circuit out and see if this transistor is the one for treble. Post a picture of this on talkbass and someone will probably tell you what it is.


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              Ive traced the circuit and the wiper of the treble pot is connected indirectly the the emitter of that damaged component. I may give a go at changing it with the BC850B as suggested by Helmholtz.