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  • 70's Schecter Pickup Info

    I've got a 70's or 80's Schecter single coil in for repair (from whatever guitar/s had the metal pickguards). 3 pickup configuration like a Strat. All pickups are the same polarity and have the same yellow/left black/right leads.

    Any ideas if these were reverse wound or what size wire was being used?

    The other two pickups read 10.45k in the neck and 11.16 in the bridge.

    The owner wants this as close to original as possible and I don't want to dig in unless I have some more info.


    Click image for larger version

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    If all coils have the same have the same magnetic polarity and have yellow/left - black/right lead wires, then they are all wound the same way, so the blended positions are two singles as a pose to an RWRP parallel pair.

    considering the DCR you've measured from the other two pickups and the size of the coils, they're pretty likely wound with 43AWG. Looking at the coil wire wrapped around the flatwork it's wound with poly wire, couldn't tell you if is single build or double build. You could try to measure the existing wire with a micrometer, to determine the build of the coating, just be super careful not to squash the wire.

    As for wind count, I'd guess and wind it up, then measure, adjust as necessary, cut off and then rewind again to get it close. When you first strip the original wire off, have a look at how it's been wound, how tight/loose the wire is and how much scattering, cause that makes a massive difference in fender-ish single coils.


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      My word of advice would be the following: Double-build Formvar wire, AWG#43 gauge, 95TPL, 9,000 turns. I couldn't find if it's wound CW or CCW, so that's for you to assess.

      Pepe aka Lt. Kojak
      Milano, Italy


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        Kojak -

        Thanks on that. It may not be double formvar (I have yet to unwrap it) but it'd have to be 43. Maybe even 10k winds.

        Looks like clockwise to me but I had to remove the wax dripped over the ends and grommets to verify which isn't something I can do with the others so I have to guess they are all CW.

        Schecter, not surprisingly, has no info at all.


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          If the black is the start wire, then it would be CCW. (right arm, top going)
          If the yellow is the start wire, then it would be opposite.
          Maybe you can tell which side is start and finish?

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            Black is the start and so the top would be going, which means the bobbin is spinning CW, no?


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              I guess that is by each perspective.
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              "If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride!" Scottish Proverb 1600s


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                Originally posted by big_teee View Post
                I guess that is by each perspective.
                Haha, no, you're correct. I was sleepy.