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Strat covers with 1/4" holes

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  • Strat covers with 1/4" holes

    Probably a dumb/futile search but thought I would ask. Are there any Strat covers out there with holes for 1/4" rods? I've modified some before but it's a pain and if there's a quick fix for this, inquiring minds want to know...

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    I assume the stock holes are less than 1/4" ?

    If so, a step drill would be the cleanest and easiest way to open them up to 1/4".

    They are great for drilling clean holes in thin material.

    If you do this, don't get a cheap one!
    The cheap step bits are just that.
    I have a cheap one and it is next to useless.

    The quality one's are worth the coin.

    I now have a couple of the Irwin brand single flute type. #1 and #4.

    They are great!
    The world is full of people that are right.


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      Yes, this is the best way. Best to make a wooden fixture to hold the cover in place while drilling.

      If cover is brass or german silver, lubricate with kerosene or the like. If stainless steel, use black sulfur oil from the hardware story. Use an acid brush to apply.