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Yellow humbucker bobbins

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  • Yellow humbucker bobbins

    Got a request for some yellow humbuckers. Not cream, true yellow, like a lemon. Anybody know where to get some yellow bucker bobbins?

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    Aside from ordering a Duncan or Dimarzio in yellow and passing them along or rewinding, the other options are probably to make a bobbin fascia, or do a frame cover with an insert, maybe get a solid chunk of yellow plastic, hog it out, and stuff the pickup inside? You could fabricate bobbins from yellow acrylic or Delrin, etc.


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      I wonder how good of a job you can do with one of those cheap 3-D printers
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        Starting with these:
        If you can find white or natural nylon ones you can soak them in hot Rit salt dye in any color they make. Works on other high melting point plastics too. Mix up the dye powder with minimal amount of water to speed up the dying process. you can also use analine metal acid dyes cold and mixed in alcohol.


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          Di Marzio has'em.
          Pepe aka Lt. Kojak
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