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Bobbin pulling up on each side

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  • Bobbin pulling up on each side

    Hey guys I am attempting to rewind an old pickup but the ends of the bobbin pull up. I was wondering if you guys glue them in position before winding? What glue? Epoxy? Is super glue good enough?

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    Personally, I use water thin CA glue. "Zap" brand, to be specific. I actually use it on all new pickups I build, not just for repairing old ones. The superglue really helps hold the magnets and flatwork together and can prevent that 'banana' thing from happening when you're winding.

    I apply it with a Q-tip and go over both the top and the underside of the top flatwork piece.

    On a couple of really stubborn old pickups, I had to clamp the flatwork flat, and then glue it. It was a little tricky, but nothing you can't do with the help of some wax paper and some creativity.

    What I like about thin CA too is that it'll penetrate into the flatwork, impregnating it with CA glue, which reinforces it even further. I've never tried epoxy.


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      I'll give it a go


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        The main thing that causes to the ends of the bobbin to splay out is setting your wire guides too close to the flat work. You want to leave about .025" to .050" between the wire guide and the flatwork. So if you've got a width of .5" between your flatwork your wire guides will only be between .400" and .425" apart and centered.