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  • Winding hotrails

    I have had problems after I winded a neck minihumbucker so the bridge was I think out of phase. What should I do know when winding the bridge again, should I wind the other bobbin reverse?
    Can neckpickups polarities or windings have anything to do with the bridge pickups sound then when it is ready. The are rail type of singlecoilsized humbuckers.
    Is it possible that this will not nwork again? Sorry for difficult question.

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    If the coils of both PUs are wound and connected the same and each PU alone sounds good, you probably have a reversed magnet in one of the PUs.

    Typically you want both PUs to deliver same phase signals.

    There are 3 ways to reverse PU coil signal phase:
    - Opposite winding direction/sense,
    - reversed start/end wire connections,
    - reverse magnet polarity.
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      I have a Strat I am building. It will have H-S-H PU:s. So if I wind the humbuckers each with RWRP does it matter if the singlecoil in the middle is North up or down or which way winded. I was assuming that the humbuckers would have to be identical in this case, only the bridge will be hotter, more windings.

      Thank you.


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        When combining PUs you typically want them to have the same signal phase.
        To test for signal phase I connect a voltmeter to the PU, put a screwdriver on the poles and quickly remove it.
        Watch for positive or negative meter reading during removal of the screwdriver.
        This test works best with an analog needle meter in the lowest voltage range.

        If you need to reverse signal phase see post #2.
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          Good day,
          I have a question. I cannot find schematics on the internet, so I try to ask for help. I have winded bridge and neck humbuckers and have an old Lace sensor as middle (H-S-H).
          I have 500k pots and I have 2 (0.022u) capasitors. i have 5-way switch. No push pull pots. I cannot find good schematics so I am little scared to try soldering anything. Thanks.


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            No coil splittings there in the HBs