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Stephens Design Pickups Second HD PAF video

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  • Stephens Design Pickups Second HD PAF video

    This second video shows the new HD PG neck, (Peter Green spec) but played IN-phase instead of out of phase. This neck has the same spec as Duane Allman's neck PAF did, so I give a shot at some Duane slide, I suck at it but it'll give you a taste. FYI, Duane used an ported back speaker cab and use bass speakers, a major secret of his personal tones. Speaker was a low budge Cerwin Vega bass speaker, a knock off of a JBL but different. The bridge in this video is the HD VL61 bridge which has over a year of customer sales, has been played by Billy Gibbons in a Tao El Mirage guitar, and Mick Grabham of Procol Harum.
    Stephens Design Pickups
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