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Broken impedance switch in Bugera Infinitum xl333 combo amp.

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  • Richard
    If you always use the same speaker you can wire the output directly to that output of the output transformer. Another option would be to replace the switch with a solid jumper, connecting the appropriate traces. Are there no local techs in Maine? Pulling apart an amp isn't that bad, someone will have to get inside to fix this. Most electrical parts come in standard sizes so you can probably find a replacement. It doesn't look like the rear panel circuit board would be to hard to remove, how comfortable are you going inside your amp.

    note: amplifiers contain lethal voltages! Be sure you are aware of what you are doing before you start poking around! It's not that hard but you do need to be aware of what you're doing!

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  • Broken impedance switch in Bugera Infinitum xl333 combo amp.

    I have had this amp for about 3 years works great, I have had no problems but apparently our Roadie during load in hit the impedance slider somehow, that is on the back of the Infinium amp. It looks like a lot of trouble to pull the thing apart and replace that switch however the speaker's won't any longer play. I hate to go buy another and just because the impedance switch broke, any suggestions? I live in Maine so it would definitely be a situation where I have to ship this extremely heavy and somewhere and I hate to do that.
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