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Geo Stevens Vintage Winder

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  • Geo Stevens Vintage Winder

    Hey alI I thought I'd share some pics of the Geo Stevens 39AM I recently acquired.

    I've wanted a Stevens winder since I became interested in coil winding and guitar pickups a long time ago. But as I always built my own machines I never could justify the cost. Then this became available for a song so I thought I'd get it if for no other reason than to have it as another old machine to add to the collection. Something to show friends and colleagues and customers. BUT I sure would like to make it a functional machine in the shop.

    It didn't work when I got it. Many of the wires in the control box were hanging loose. The traverse arm was frozen. Etc., etc. It's kind of running now but when the speed control (speed pot) is connected to the circuit board the motor will not start. It's a total mystery.

    It came with mystery gears and a cam. Very very unfortunately the gears that came with it only do 80 TPL. What's a common pickup that's wound to 80 tpl? Luckily the cam is a 1/4" cam. So if I can get some gears from Geo Stevens it may be something I can use. But working with GS has been a long and drawn out affair.

    Anyone have spare gears? I really only need a 94, 95 or 96 Driven Gear so I can use this for one of the few things I use a manual winder for.

    Here's some winder porn.

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