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Decent and cheap LCR meter

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  • Decent and cheap LCR meter

    I need a decent LCR meter to measure the capacitance and inductance of some pickups.
    What do you think about the UNI-T UT603?

    Would it be enough? Or do i have to look for something better?

    forgive me for my bad english, my mother tongue is italian

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    reviews generally state its off on its low range L readings, I found something similar on the cheapie "parts tester" unit I bought

    EEVBlog may have included this model in a review but I believe Dave preferred the Extech 380193, which is much more expensive.

    I ended up buying a pair of old BK Precision 878B off Ebay, one functional and one dead for about $100. The dead one had been SMD part swapped a bit; once they die they are very hard to fix... It wasn't the easy sacrificial SMD fuse people typically blow by hooking up a charged cap, oh well. Good luck!


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      Finally found the specs:

      L accuracy above 2H is not great. But I would really miss the possibility to read Q or AC resistance with inductance. Very helpful for detecting shorted turns.

      We discussed LCR meters here:

      I wouldn't buy it if it's more than 40€.
      - Own Opinions Only -


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        IMO, the DE-5000 is the best deal by a mile right now.


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          Thank you for your advices!
          I was also thinking that the DE-5000 it's a better investment, i will take that then!