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Replacing a digital counter

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  • Replacing a digital counter

    I have an Adams A2 pickup winder:
    I wound a humbucker and it came out fairly good. Then it sat in my basement for a couple of years until I decided to wind some strat pickups. The counter on the winder no longer worked. the battery was soldered and glued to the board. By the time I got it out the board was wrecked. I got around it by winding and then measuring resistance, but that is a real pain. I couldn't find an exact replacement, but that is no longer a concern because I now have a Dremel and can enlarge the mounting hole to accommodate a larger digital counter. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge in dealing with digital counters or fixing pickup winders. Are digital counters pretty standard and will just drop in or what is it I have to know to do this?

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    Maybe try Robert Adams? He has a fair Youtube presence although he seems to have moved on from winders.


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      What you need to determine is in what way did the original counter 'sense' the revolutions.
      Then you can choose a 'drop in' replacement.


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        Here is a case in point:
        It utilzes a dry contact input (ie: a switch).
        Also, the count rate has to be considered. Too low of a rate and you will miss counts.


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          One of these will do you. There are plenty of different types available on Aliexpress