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Can anyone please reccommend replacement capacitors?

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  • Can anyone please reccommend replacement capacitors?

    I'm just starting a project of refurbing my very poorly 1965 Vox Continental, as you can see from the photo link there are several dodgy capacitors, can anyone recommend what the best ones are to use as replacements, and the best place to get them, I'm in the UK.
    Many thanks in advance.
    Dodgy Caps on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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    47.000pf = 47nF = 0.047F Axial caps mounted skyscraper-style. Radials should fit. You can also use lower-rated parts - Vox used 400v parts because they had many in stock, but supply voltage is only 8V or so (cf. enclosed schemo).

    I guess that small 100V Mylar caps should be OK, but you should check dimensions. Available from a number of sources, for instance Maplin:
    Mylar Film Capacitors : Mylar : Maplin

    You should be *very* careful when working on old cramped oscillator boards.
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