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  • DIY DI for acoustic

    I have a number of acoustic instruments with pick-ups that need a DI box to be of any use with a PA. I have a pretty good DI box right now (LA AUDIO DI2), but I really need another. Being one for DIY and seeing as I can't find a commercial variant with that over-the-top high input impedance recommended by my pick-ups (1-10Mohm) I thought I would look into some schematics. However, most circuits I've found so far have really low input Z (a few kOhm).

    I'm looking for advice on what sort of design will give me the order of magnitude on the input impedance I'm looking for, and whether or not it's feasible financially to build one on my own.

    Also, I'm more of a digital guy than analog, so if I've got my thinking or questions ass-backwards don't be afraid to explain what I should be asking.