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The dreaded parts killers

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  • The dreaded parts killers

    Just got a visit to my shop by one moronus inebrius.

    In the ten minutes he was here, he told me about breaking up with his girlfriend at least six times. And she won't call him back...

    Has his 1970s Gibson bass combo in his arms. it is just the perfect thing to knock pot shafts off the new store stock MArshall sitting nearby. SO he does. "Geesh I'm sorry. Did I do that?"

    Then a few moments later a young fellow walks in for his free estimate on a couple small practice amps. Fuse falling out of clip on one, so I give it to him. His Crate Bass combo needed a jack resolder. He decided it wasn't worth the $30 I proposed. Oh well, free estimates are free. But then the kid turns and hands me a $5 bill for my trouble. Unexpected.

    Never fight tips.
    Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.

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    Just got a visit to my shop by one moronus inebrius.
    That gave me a good laugh.

    Enzo, you're a very patient man. I'm not so sure that I'd be as tolerant of a drunken moron busting things up if it were my shop. In a situation like that, I wonder if I would be more inclined to just throw him out on the street, ask him to pay for the damage and then throw him out, or call the black and white taxi to give him a ride home. Did he at least buy anything?
    "Stand back, I'm holding a calculator." - chinrest

    "I happen to have an original 1955 Stratocaster! The neck and body have been replaced with top quality Warmoth parts, I upgraded the hardware and put in custom, hand wound pickups. It's fabulous. There's nothing like that vintage tone or owning an original." - Chuck H


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      Even Pottery Barn doesn't really have the "Pottery Barn Policy."

      The guy could have been just as clumsy sober for all I know. I have been in retail a long time and dealing with the public professionally for a very long time. I'll just fix the other amp and let it pass. You cannot "win" a confrontation with a customer.

      Did he buy something? Well he dropped off the repair job.
      Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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        I think your just getting old and loosing your touch. Maybe you need some Chile or Gumbo ey ! I could go on and on about the kind that you just experienced but theres not enough hardrive space on tboys server. There slowly killing us dude.


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          Reminds of a true story

          I was dealing with a customer who worked at Denstadts hardware. He said a lady came in and wanted a piece of glass cut to a 6" by 8" size. He cut it for and she took the piece home and was soon back extremly angry. She said she told him to cut it 6 x 8 and that he cut it 8 x 6. The guy took the piece of glass, rotated it 90 degrees and handed it back to her. He told her "now it's 6 x 8".

          True story.