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AC107 Trannys

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  • AC107 Trannys

    Can anyone tell if these are good for fuzztone Builds Mullard Black Glass AC107

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    You' better ask that in the effects forum or even better at the diystompbox forum, which is much more populated.

    Regarding the question: it depends on the circuit you are planning to build.

    the fuzz face seems to work best with a hFE of ~75 for the 1st and ~100 for the 2nd transistor, both should be rather low leakage. RG Keen has a lot of info on the fuzz face on his site.

    Other cricuits "prefer" other values. With NOS germanium transistor you can never be sure what you get, many that are sold have high leakage or low hFE,

    The ac109 seems have a rather low current gain(hFE) at 50 which is only an average value as ge transistor vary ALOT.

    It might be suitable for the harmonic percolator (Q1)


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      I looked up the 109 for my first answer, the but its valid for the ac107 as well only the hFE seems even lower.


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        AC 107 Black Glass

        Thanks for the info,I bought a Clonebender 3 knob from Demarco.And it seems kind of softer Fuzz. Than my Vox 2 knob w/AC 128