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Capacitor Discharge amp rating

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  • Capacitor Discharge amp rating

    I am wondering what would be the easiest way to convert the storage capacity and voltage contained in a capacitor to an amp rating at same voltage into a load, possibly a dead short. I figured the brains here would be able to help.

    Anyways, it's a 330nF at 630 volts. If charged to 600 or so, what would the amp output be to a dead short? This is in a little bug zapper racket, and I am planning on using it as a deterrent device for some larger pests without maiming or killing them.

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    Well, figured out a solution. A 1 Meg resistor in series with the leads, so standing voltage is about 450 and discharge is low amp. Enough where I can touch it and it's uncomfortable and make me not want to touch it for more then a small amount of time.


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      How about this

      Capacitor Discharging

      How do you know how much current it too much?


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        When it's hard to get the pieces of rat off the ceiling, that's too much.
        "Enzo, I see that you replied parasitic oscillations. Is that a hypothesis? Or is that your amazing metal band I should check out?"


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          I sincerely hope you do *not* live just by a Pub and want to electronically "pee proof" some part of your property !!
          Won't deny that the idea has a certain wicked attraction to it (he he) but I somehow suspect most Law books around the World might consider it a little too much.
          If you are talking about rats (the 4 legged type) , I have some experience on them, they definitely survive 220VAC; my "Ratakiller" needed 600 to 800V DC, limited by a series 40 to 60W bulb for repeatable results.
          The Administration at the building I used to live in loved me.
          EDIT/WARNING/DISCLAIMER what I just wrote applies *only* within the borders in the Argentine Republic; it's absolutely forbidden and does not apply outside said area.
          Juan Manuel Fahey


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            Nah, it's for actual rodents, and it is just a contact plate to keep them off of things. Like I said, it's one of those little bug zapper rackets that I turned into a rodent zapper. 450 volts at a very low amp. unpleasant but not harmful.


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              Rodents are a real pest, very difficult to fight because they are *very* intelligent and, of course, breed *more* than rabbits, plus being able to walk on anything (such as a power cable), climb even walls if only a little rough and pass through incredibly small holes or swim into your house through the WC/sewer pipes (ugh !!!).
              Sorry to say so, but I found only total extermination to work ; deterrents not enough.
              Juan Manuel Fahey


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                By rodents I mean cats, actually. 4 legs and tails is a rodent to me.


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                  my daddy said "the only good cat is a dead cat! "

                  We never owned any so I never tried.

                  if you get it working well you could sell it to the South African car market to replace the flame throwers they currently use for anti hijacking safety.