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Solder prices - Yikes!!

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  • Solder prices - Yikes!!

    I just found to my dismay that my favorite brand/model of solder has better than doubled in price, seemingly overnight. Well it's probably more like over the last few weeks...

    Kester "44" 63/37 .040" diameter, 1 Lb spool, Pt #24-6337-039

    Mouser current printed catalog price (May-July 2007): $13.02
    Mouser website (and downloadable PDF of page 1812 in current catalog: $27.84


    At these prices we might have to do a before/after job weighing of the solder spool and charge accordingly.

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    Hah! I just recently bought a pound roll of Kester 44 63/37 for $10. Digikey, I think. DOn't bother, I just looked, same bad news.

    MCM has Kester 63/37 as low as $19,95 depending upon diameter. Not a lot of help, but better than nothing.

    It is sad when just a roll of solder covers the minimum order.
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      I got an email today from MojoTone for Kester "44" solder...$10/lb


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        customer question

        Phone order Q: ' you guys charge for extra solder?
        ok..I want a double cheeseburger amp with extra solder..


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          I think this is the result of our famous European ROHS compliancy rule. In principle, Lead solder is banned. It is still allowed for old equipment, but most stores are more and more supplying lead-less solder. As a result supplies are declining and I suspect those who still have the stuff have increased their price.
          Who knows, maybe old Fenders will increase in price due to the amount of lead solder in it within 10 years.
          Kindest Regards

          Nico Verduin


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            I don't really use a lot of solder, so I've generally used what is quick and easy to find.....good old RatShack. Of course, the rosin-core solder spool I have from there is marked "lead free" and I've had it about 5 years or so....


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              I use quite a bit of solder when I re-work sound consoles (I'm at over 1100 solder points retouched in the just-finished Allen & Heath GL-2200-20 currently on my bench). Newer amps with single-sided PCB's get quite a bit as well.

              Seems like Radio Shack might have some of the better prices on solder right now - maybe it takes a while for the corporate glob to react to changing material prices...


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                Mojotone Solder

                I think Mojo's Kester 44 solder is 60/40, not 63/37. That makes a difference for me, I like 63/37 because its liquid phase is so precise temperature-wise.

                I have also heard that no-lead solders use overly acidic flux that stains the chassis. Is that true?


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                  never heard of IS marked rosin-core.


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