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DC power adapter used insted of a AC power adapter, cause issues?

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    Originally posted by g-one View Post
    So the -15V line is there but the +15 line is not because that resistor is missing?
    If someone removed it, then it was likely burnt. If it burnt the unit probably has a fault along the +15V line. You want to correct that before that resistor burns again. Also consider that R85 is acting as a fuse so you must replace it with the same wattage.
    Thanks good advice as usual. replacement resistor was done but going on all your advice and funny things ive seen I decided to compare the mainboard with the schematic and datasheet of UMP1542 (U38) and found a 100k resistor in R329 but the schematic says OMIT and the data sheet notes 2v max on pin7. The resistor looks genuine.

    Is the resister used to drop the supply voltage to under 2v (with a load from the U38) for pin 7?
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      Fixed the power supply removed R329 and fitted a resistor to ground at R340.

      All the power supply's work now, 1v8, 3v3, 5v and +15/-15v

      The RP1000 now comes on and pops from the output when turned on but no sound from the output (Left mono) or the headphone jack.

      So now ive fixed 3 issues so far but still have more

      Thought I should update my findings


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        Notes to self:
        #1. When buying used pedals be sure to test them to make sure that they work.
        #2. If power adaptor is required get one that meets printed requirements.
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          I totaly forgot to update this post. I was only reminded as i got a message.

          This project has been fixed and working properly now.

          Long story short the trail ended at the audio processor.
          It had internaly shorted on one bank causing lots of fun.

          Looks like it was caused by the last guy who had a go simply hot wired external power to random power railson the board to try and get it going but caused more problems in doing so.

          Thank you all for the helpful tips.

          Sorry for the lateness of this reply


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            Cool! Sometimes the challenge of fixing something overrules everything else... Glad to hear that you won that battle!

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