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Power rating for Inductors

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  • Power rating for Inductors

    I want to build a notch filter to smooth out the resonant freq of a horn in a midcab i built. The crossover is rated at 400w and the hf driver has a rating
    of 80w. I have used the notch filter calc at and i got an LCR

    L=1.36 mH
    C=54.6 uF
    R=6.1 Ohms

    Ive built a couple of things before but have not much experience with inductors. The inductors ive found at mouser dont show a max watt rating.
    What power rating should i look for? What Voltage rating should i use on the 54.6 uF Cap?

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    If this is part of the crossover, then it must handle the voltages and currents of the speakers and amp. That all depends upon power levels.

    I wouldn't have looked at Mouser for these parts, so I don't know what they have. Parts Express has a pretty good selection of crossover parts.

    But rather than this brute force method, why not just get a basic graphic EQ and insert it before the power amp? Or a parametric?
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      This is part of a speaker system in a single enclosure . It is a 15" x horn midcab. Next up will be a 18" bass bin. I'll check out parts express .


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        Why not just move the crossover point?
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          The speaker cabs are built ,loaded and the (nonadjustable) crossover is installed.
          I used componants recomended by Eminences tech expert and i built the cab according to the formula given for that woofer by Eminence. The whole thing sounds good but needs some tweaking in the midrange. says i need a notch filter to cut the frequencies that are listed on the spec sheet of the horn as the "resonant frequency". BTW a Parts Express tech told me that the parts in an LCR circuit will only get a portion of the wattage that the horn gets. He said a 12w would work.


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            Let me get this right, you're trying to use a horn tweeter below its resonant frequency? That's probably not such a good idea because too much LF energy could burn it out.

            Normally the crossover point should be a good octave above the resonance. What crossover point does the maker of the horn recommend? and what crossover point are you actually using?
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              No, I'm running the tweet @ 1.6K . I have read that you can or should smooth out the midrange responce of the horn at the resonance frequency with a notch filter . Several websites have calculators to figure your LCR values based on the resonance frequency and impedance. However,
              Ive opened up a couple of brand name cabs and i'm not seeing alot of tone shaping circuits, just crossovers.


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