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Burning dropping resistors

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  • Burning dropping resistors

    I have a lazarus preamp that is burning the resistors that are in series between the + side of all filter caps. When I first opened the unit the fuse was blown. I replaced it and still burning... in fact so hot that the solder holding the resistors melts!! I just replaced all filter caps and the dropping resistors w/ metal oxide replacement (that's what was in there before) and they are still burning up. Anyone have any clues? A rectifier? Mosfet?

    Any tips greatly appreciated.

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    Verify that the rectifier works and is not shorted. AC on filter caps will draw a lot of current.

    The only reason resistors burn up is that too much current is flowing through them. SOmething on the downhill side of these resistors is too close to ground. If the caps are not leaky, then look for something shorted, like a tube socket
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      thanks enzo... i'll check the rectifier/s.


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        replaced rectifier but it still had the problem... looked further into other components to find the zener diode in the power supply cracked when I applied chopstick-pressure... replaced it and all is good! Thanks enzo for the reply.