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Orange R30 Help?

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  • Enzo
    First, the voltages inside a tube amp can KILL YOU. You need to know at least what you are looking at and have the sense to use proper caution.

    If the heaters in the tubes light, then we know the amp has power. But the only fuse that tells us about is the mains fuse. You didn't post a schematic, but there could be other fuses inside, like the high voltages fuse.

    In any silent amp, we first must verify the speaker and connections to it are working. In tube amps, we need the presence of the heaters AND high voltage. Once those suppliues are verified, we need to find high voltage reaching all the tube, and all tubes must be lit.

    Beyond that it is troubleshooting the signal path.

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  • JPS59
    started a topic Orange R30 Help?

    Orange R30 Help?

    Hi there,
    I'm fairly new to tube amps and am struggling to work out what is wrong with my orange rc30 combo amp.
    When I turn it on the AC power light fails to light, however, the tubes seem to be glowing? I thought this would indicate that the amp fuse hadn't blown and that the AC light might have gone. Also, the amp produces no sound at all and I have re-tubed it as well. I have no idea what could be wrong and any help at all would be greatly appreciated?