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  • jazzman37

    just wondering does anybody know how to make or buy a converter to convert my leslie 6 pin to my korg triton workstation?

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    I have no idea what you are trying to do. Not enough information in the post. This might help?

    Leslie? Pinout Data | MOSweb Online!
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      I think I have what you need in my warehouse, but the good lord alone knows when i will get out there again.

      You need a preamp kit for the leslie. I have a couple from Leslie, but there may be others making them too. The leslie itself wants a LARGE signal level for its tubes, and a balanced input on most models. The Preamp floor thing is Chrome, has a transistor preamp inside, jacks on the rear, and stomp switches for fast/slow, etc. Kit includes the cable.

      Just google leslie preamp.

      Here is an article about them with photos. The kits I have are like the ones pictured.
      The combo preamps.

      Again, I am not offering, because I won;t have them available any time soon, at least not a reliable schedule.
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