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    I was recently given a boat of gear that the shop I do work for decided they wanted to get rid of. Problem is that I know very little about some of these items and wanted some advice if any of it was worth saving, repairing and/or parting out.

    Here is a list of items:
    FOSTEX DMT8 Digital Multitracker
    Yamaha MD8 MD Multitracker
    Akai DR4d Hard Disk Recorder
    Tascam DA-302 DAT
    2- FOSTEX RD-8 ADAT recorder
    Akai S1000 Digital Sampler
    Tascam DA-30MKII
    Casio FZ-10M Digital Sampler
    E-MU ESI32 Voice Sampler
    Gemini CD-9500 Pro Dual CD Player
    Also 3 wireless mic transmitters (no mics) and a large box full of rack effects that all work.

    I am thinking the ADAT, MD and Samplers will be a tough sell. I doubt a pawn shop would even take them at this point. I would hate to throw away good gear but if nobody wants it anymore...then..idk. Thoughts, suggestions?

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    Put them on Craigs list or even ebay.

    You could part out an ADAT, but what would you have? A power cord and a metal chassis? On the other hand there are people out there who have put a lot of work into making music on those machines, and would hate to lose it. They might want a similar unit cheap just for backup parts. If the unit works, just backup for function.

    Samplers might appeal to the synth crowd. I don't know if they are old enough to be retro these days, but again, what would you have if you parted them out? A metal box, a power cord, and a couple jacks?

    I like to play a really nice guitar, but every now and then I pick up a super cheap crappy guitar and it is fun to play, and sometimes even produces a sound I cannot get from the good stuff. What the heck.

    Do your mic transmiters have receivers or you only have the transmitters? If you have both send and receivers, if they are belt packs for lav mics, they can be converted to guitar wireless easy enough.
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      I only have receivers. I was thinking craigslist and ebay but was just wondering if I was wasting my time on some of this. Pretty sure ADATs are flawless (boot up fine) but do not have the sVHS to test them. Will try ebay and see how it goes. Maybe even reverb? Not sure about the synth stuff, all of the floppy disks are missing, I guess someone could use the machine for a backup like you said.


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        When eBay first kicked off, I used to buy broken gear. Then I'd repair it and resell it. You could make some decent money this way in the early days. You could buy broken gear for pennies on the dollar. Now, others have caught on and prices have gone up even for broken gear. The point is, if it's stuff you don't want, I wouldn't waste my time fixing it unless it's a very easy fix. You'll probably get good money for it "as is/broken". I've seen broken things sell for the same price as working things.
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          Go to ebay and search for the unit in question, then scroll down and look on the left side for the "Show Only" options and check "Completed Listings." This will show you what things did (and didn't) sell for. Doing the Fostex DMT8 it looks like they maybe get $50, and not always that.


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            Old tube equipment has a mystique of its own, justified or not, so 60 y.o. junk will be exciting enough for "somebody" to shell out a few pennies.
            Now Digital stuff is obsolete and despised even 1 year old, because "newer is better", period.
            It does nor reach collector/vintage status at all, quite the contrary, even if it belongs to a mythical generation.
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              I wish you lived near me so I could get a few of these for free - The Casio FZ-10M Digital Sampler is a classic bro. The whole Casio FZ family actually. They have an awesome synth too. More of a vintage synth. Good luck with selling it all.
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                Originally posted by EricLobster View Post
                I wish you lived near me so I could get a few of these for free - The Casio FZ-10M Digital Sampler is a classic bro. The whole Casio FZ family actually. They have an awesome synth too. More of a vintage synth. Good luck with selling it all.
                If you have any real interest at all, you can offer to pay postage to get them ... I know I would.

                If not even that, maybe that stuff attraction is very very very weak, if any at all.
                Juan Manuel Fahey


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                  I tell you what, if I can't get this stuff sold in the next month and anyone is willing to pay the shipping. You can have them. I ain't trying to get rich. It was more I couldn't stand the thought of someone throwing out good gear.


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                    This is what I have left of the gear if anyone wants it. The wireless systems are missing the mics minus the one gemsound. The MD8 attempts to work but appears the MD needs some repairs. The others likely work fine but are untested beyond a powerup. The dual CD player is missing the cables. If no takers in the next 7 days I plan to donate them to a pawn shop. The items that need repairs and missing components will likely get trashed. I am asking $10 a box plus shipping to make it worth my time to pack and ship these items.
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