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Transformer wire colour? red/yellow

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  • Transformer wire colour? red/yellow

    I found an old transformer in a hammond type organ looks like a vintage fender type, anyway it has a wire on it that is red/yellow stripped? what is that wire for?

    the other wires are:
    Black: AC primary
    Red: 310/310 sec
    Yellow: 3.15/3.15 sec
    Green/Yellow stripe: Ground

    and then this red/yellow wire that I think I remember measuring 100v on?

    transformer is lay down type with cloth covered wires marked: A0-28335-3 606419 it was running 9! valves 1x EZ81, 2xEL84, 2x7247, 2x12AX7 and 2xEF86

    I'll be using it in a 5E3 type amp

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    The red and red are the high voltage windings, and they should be wired to your rectifier tube. The red/yellow wire will be the center tap of that winding, and usually it would go to ground. In some circuits, they might run this red/yellow wire to a standby switch, and then to ground.
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