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besides deoxit, does anyone make a good quality contact cleaner ?

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    Originally posted by rjb View Post
    Who'da thunk the world would be clamoring for NOS Deoxit cans?
    AFAIK the cans with the older nozzles are still available. The new one is an OPTION, not a replacement. But they both suck. Just pisses me off you pay a insane amount for the stuff and they use inferior delivery systems. Thier CEO must have a few extra jags in his garage at our expense.


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      Originally posted by Dave H View Post
      Deoxit is horrendously expensive in the UK. I use this - Servisol
      What worries me with Servisol is that the spec says conductive. Might be a problem in high impedance circuits. All deoxidizing contact cleaners if have tested (Deoxit, Cramolin Contaclean, Kontakt 60) are non-conductive, resp. show a resistance >100MOhms.
      And if a cleaner is of the lubricating type, it must leave an oily/greasy residue, which is not always desirable.
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