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Motion Sound Kbr3d rotor problem

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  • Motion Sound Kbr3d rotor problem

    I purchased a used KBR3d earlier in the summer. I have a problem with the spinning high rotor rubbing 2 mounting bolts. It has a new drive belt. I have new o-rings too but I can't figure out how to pull out the rotor shaft out to look. 1/16 of an inch or less would solve it. Do I have to pull out the horn driver from underneath? From what I've read its a similar mechanism to the Pro145 or the Pro3x. Looking for some direction. It's all apart, chassis is removed and on my bench resting on a couple of 2x4s...

    Thank you,

    Mike Skory
    Lansing, MI

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    I know the old Leslie, but I don't know this mechanism.

    But, could you add another rubber O-ring under the things to lift the motor a tiny bit?
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      That's exactly what I was thinking Enzo. Or maybe the new o-rings being slightly little fluffier would do the trick. 1/32 " would clear it. But I can't see how to get it apart. Motion Sound is not responding. My next option (other then brute force) is to remove the horn driver from underneath in hopes I can see a little more.


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        Motion Sound KBR-3D

        I heard back from Motion Sound. Super helpful! Normally the plastic horn pulls straight up and off with just a little pressure Mine was stuck solid. It took a lots of pressure, wiggling and prying. Was sure I was going to break it! I found a total of 7 o-rings. 3 small 007N70, 2 medium and 2 larger. Grainger had the smalls but ordered the others for me today.

        Click image for larger version

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        The 3 small 0-rings are on top to buffer a top support bracket. The 2 larges go around the 2 bearings (I think). the 2 mediums keep the bearings from rubbing against the plastic of the horn. The mediums were fused to the plastic horn. One from the top and one from the bottom. I want to notate this because I found so very little repair info on line. Will post again after I get the rest of the o-rings.


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          Good hardware stores and places like Lowes and Home Depot usually have selections of O-rings. They would be in that section of hardware with the cardboard drawers full of odd pieces, like thumb screws, clevis pins, etc.
          Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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            Fixed! Basically I replaced all 7 o-rings into the same positions. Except instead of 3 smalls at the top, I put 2 smalls at the top and one at the bottom to raise it a little. Drilled 3 small holes to re positions the plastic top shaft holder.