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Remove scratches from meter lenses?

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  • Remove scratches from meter lenses?

    What products and procedures do you recommend for removing scratches from test equipment lenses? Thanks.

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    You could probably use the stuff that they use to restore plastic automotive headlight lenses
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      I have used a tiny dab of toothpaste to buff out scratches on some plastics. I say "some" because it doesn't always work. If it a lense or something it will probably work okay. Use microfiber cloth and circular motion.

      Edit: don't use fancy toothpaste with all sorts of stuff in it. Whitening baking soda is good or other simple ones.
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        Acrylic lenses will polish out with a good quality metal polish. I've used 'Solvol' for acrylic. If a scratch is deep enough so you can feel it with a fingernail the surface will need to be rubbed down using a flat pad and wet-or-dry. Depending on the condition I may start off with 1200 grit or thereabouts. I have some micro-abrasive pads that go to 12,000 grit in increments, though usually 4000 starts to bring up a polish. I then finish off with Koenig polishing compound, though Solvol or similar can be used - I just happen to have Koenig materials that I use for guitar repairs.

        Polycarbonate is more difficult to work with and can end up slightly milky. Polycarbonate displays in my view are best left alone unless you're certain of getting a good result. I would experiment with a scrap piece of material (or a CD) to see how it goes.


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          Novus plastic polishes.