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    Someone asked me yesterday about getting low-volume 100mmx70mm double-sided PCBs made and I said I'd look here as I'd seen various recommendations. Except I can't find anything recent. So, for those who are getting PCBs made, who are you using?
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    I've ordered a few from here - Quick-teck and they were fine.


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      I've had stuff from and they were dirt cheap. Quality seems fine.


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        I use the free version of to do my layout and then ordered from them. You don't have to buy from them as you can download gerber files, but it was really easy to order from them and the price was good. I did a batch of two sided stomp box boards, I think I got 30 done for about $30 shipped with a two week turn around. Quality was good, only minor issues is where I made poor choices on component parameters, but I can't fault them for that.


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          Nice. I'll send him a link to this thread


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            I've been using the easyEDA editor too. It's certainly good enough for my simple tube amp purposes and the learning curve is much less steep than KiCAD.