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Fender Concert-Amp parts list

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  • Fender Concert-Amp parts list

    Hello folks,
    Does anyone have a complete parts list for this 'newer' Fender Concert-Amp 1x12 combo? The dude received it with almost no noticeable shipping damage yet ALL the pots are either open or intermittent. The version is much like the schemo for the Concert II with pull switches on the volume pots and also Gain1 & Gain2 pots.
    This is the amp that is awful to remove the main board as all the tube sockets are mounted on the big main board except V1 that is isolated with grommets to the chassis that you also have to remove to get the main boards out.
    the front board has all the pots mounted on it.
    Anyway if anyone can supply a pdf of the service manual or even just the parts list (or have a site I can get this from) I'd much appreciate it.
    Thanx, Glen

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    You mean the reissue, " '93 Concert Amp"? Says that on the serial number plate?
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      Hey Enzo, yes sorry definitely the reissue (one of those plastic engraved ser # plates that start in LO...).
      You'd remember one of these as i mentioned no turret strips, just one big main board with all but one tube socket mounted on that main board. The only way to get to front board is to take out this main board which is a major pain😬.
      It's been a while, but can anyone get directly with Fender and order parts or have they gone to a distributor like some others have?
      I might just estimate around $10/per pot just to see if the eBay seller is even interested in paying to get this fixed for the buyer... ultimately, will still need part numbers.
      Thanx man...glen


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        I posted the manual, are not the part numbers in it?

        Lots of places sell Fender pots.
        Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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          Sorry...i must have missed the attachment...i see it now..Thanx glen


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