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Determining the type of old Gibson transistors 1970's

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  • Determining the type of old Gibson transistors 1970's

    Greetings,......I am repairing the circuit board on a 1970's Gibson electric guitar. I've determined that one of the transistors is bad. I have tried to cross-reference the part on Mouser and Digikey's websites....with no luck. Does anyone have a good way of determining what this part is and finding an adequate replacement. The markings on the device are SF 51234 then 802 underneath.....the circuit board indicates the position for D S and G. There are a number of these on the board. I tested a couple of the others in my multimeter....they seem to measure out with a gain of 970 on the PNP setting. ....hopefully I've done this correctly! Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    What exactly is the board out of?


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      The numbers are house numbers and won't show up in catalogs.

      The DSG - drain, source, gate - on the board indicates it is a JFET. You'd have to determine N or P channel from voltage polarity. If your tester covers JFETs test them that way.

      Most any general purpose JFET ought to work, I'd think, assuming correct polarity.
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        ....the guitar is a Gibson RD.

        I will test the polarity and see if it is N or P channel....PNP on the multimeter isn't = P channel FET?

        Thanks for the replies.


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          If you don't know whether the pcb drain is positive or negative, how do you know the transistor is bad?
          If it is a gain stage you would probably need to bias it anyway, so you could probably get a J201 to work. Hard to know what the gain/transconductance of the original transistor was, regardless of markings.


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            The RD Artist Schematic shows them as N-Channel jfets. It also states that they are "selected" components.

            How have you "determined that one is bad"?

            What model RD guitar, and what's the problem?


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              ....I had originally determined/found the bad part by testing the voltages with a multimeter....the bad one seemed "off" in relation to the others.

              I tried the J201 in its place. It now works beautifully!

              Thanks for your help.