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  • Need some speaker help!

    I need some PA speakers for acoustic music and speaking in a 175-person venue (small movie theater). I will probably be using a 300-watt mixer/amp. What do I need in terms of speakers? I'm confused about all the options.

    I'm looking at a pair of Seismic 150W with 8" woofers - would these be sufficient?

    Also, I have a pair of Sony SS-MB150H bookshelf speakers that are rated at 120W at 8 ohms. Could these be used as monitors? I realize that's not their intended purpose, but I'm working on a budget and these little things really thump!

    Any advice or suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    If those are HI-fi units don't use them. You'll burn them up pretty quickly and that won't be cheap. It might cost more initially, but be cheaper in the long run to use sound reinforcement quality gear for this purpose. Does not have to be pretty or expensive. Take a look at


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