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    I have a Peavey Butcher. The tone control for this amp is located in the feedback circuit from the output transformer. I am not very happy with the tone in general, and would like to copy the values of the typical Fender Silverface tone stack, since the Butcher circuit is the same design. My question is this - since the Peavey tone control is in the feedback return, and the Fender circuit is an inter-stage tone stack, will they sound similar if built with identical components. I'm not really looking for spot on, just close.

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    I think you must be mistaken about the Peavey tone controls. While you can filter the frequencies in the negative feedback loop to have some control over the tone, i.e. Presence or Resonance, I've never seen a Fender style tone stack in the feedback loop and it simply would not work that way. Do you have a schematic for the amp?


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      I'll see if I can post a schematic for you.

      The tone controls are not in the feedback circuit, that is the presence control. The tone controls are elsewhere. Considering that the tone stack is driven by a cathode follower, isn't it more like a MArshall stack? I think the PV intent here was to make a Marshall-like amp.
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        here is the schematic:

        Peavey Butcher Schematic

        Yes the tone is fed by a cathode follower instead of the plate. I didn't know Marshalls were set up that way. This shouldn't affect the way the tone controls "sounds" will it?
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