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Schematic for power supply on Wharfdale EVP-X12PM

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  • Schematic for power supply on Wharfdale EVP-X12PM

    Firstly, thank you to the folk who maintain this site. I have just obtained a schematic of the amp from a post made several years ago and am very grateful for it!
    My problem with this amp appears to be in the power supply section and unfortunately the schematic mentioned above only has a box with the words "switching power supply" on it, with no details of the circuitry inside! So, does anyone have the schematic for the psu? Any information would be gladly received. FYI, I am located in a country town called Paeroa in New Zealand.

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    Is your unit a combination power supply and power amp on a board? And if so, might it be an ICE board? There are no support drawings for those.
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      Here is the power supply for the X15. Maybe similar.

      EVP-X15_18 DT5268s_power supply.pdf


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        Yes Enzo, power amp and power supply on the same board. I'll have a look at the schematic that dmeek (thank you so much for that) has attached. Hopefully they are similar! Thanks to both of you for replying to my post!


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