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Ddx3216 stuck at splash screen

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  • Ddx3216 stuck at splash screen

    Hi there!
    First thing, I have already read lots of posts about this mixer and they have all given useful hints already. But I wanted to provide more specific details on my issue in case this leads someone to any concrete fault
    this unit has been randomly failing to boot, more and more over time, I mean it didn't suddenly go bad, instead it needed to be power cycled several times in order to complete a full boot

    Now the issue is, when you turn it on, you get the initial splash screen DDX3216, the mechanics make a really short glitch like the motors have been powered for a milisecond ...but that's it. Never gone beyond that screen. At tht time, no reaction from button on screen, but Phantom Power 1-6 and 7-12 do light up when pressed and make some channels SIG led flicker for a second.
    AUto-rec light at main chain is stuck ON and absolutely no other button works

    Sounds to you like a faulty 32k xtal?

    Thanks in advance!

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    There are a large number of threads on this machine with similar issues. Try reading the relevant ones and see if any help
    Experience is something you get, just after you really needed it.


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      Yes, Im aware of that, and I started my post stating that I had already spent a lot of time reading previoud posts about issues with DDX3216, but none of them I found was related to my specific problem, stuck into splash logo on LCD and nothing else, some were related to initial problems but not really the same, so I wanted to add these details so someone who understands this mixer who may have a direct solution to a specific issue, instead of going blindly swapping all the caps in the PSU, Q3 xtal, resolder, reflash firmware in IC, etc...



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        I would start at the power supply.
        Are ALL expected voltages present?


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          Ok I have gone some steps already. Opened the whole mixer. Went straight to the PS. Definitely found a bulging cap (C73), just brought home a replacemente only for this one, although I have the list of all caps ready in my phone
          Going to swap it later today and if this helps, I will ask the owner if he would want to pay for a real repair (replacing ALL caps in PS), or go for the cheap repair (swap only this cap and call it good)

          Will be back with updates!



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            Ok, final update. I swapped C73 (involved in +17v & -17V), reassembled PSU, tested all voltages (+5 was close to 5.3 but...), and closed the whole thing. Booted it up and all went good so for now I will leave it as is. If it fails again, now that I already know it, I will swap all capacitor.