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Blackstar HT Club 50 - Mosfets

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  • Blackstar HT Club 50 - Mosfets

    Hello folks,
    Does anyone know of a suitable sub for the MosFets in the bias ckt STK830 that are more common? I saw a post on re: the HT Club 40 that mentioned replacing the IRF250 mosfets but not certain he was refering to this application. Are they the same as IRF830 or if there is a more common Motorola version?
    I'll be obtaing a Schemo for the HT 50 and will post as I don't see where one is available.
    Thanx, glen

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    The HT Club 50 Mark II uses the IRF830A. I'll double check the regular HT Club 50, but I suspect they are the same.

    Mouser has the IRF830A lead free versions, two options in stock.

    Edit: just checked the Club 40 and it uses IRF830 so the above should work fine.


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      Thanx Delta...