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    Hello folks,
    Does anyone have a good source for the 10mm square green (or blue) horizontal panel mounted, slotted spline shaft, pots these amps (and many) take? The tone pots are 50KB and I can get something close enough to fit from CE as well as Mouser with a slightly longer shaft, however the vol pot is a 2KB and I don't find anything even close to that value anywhere.
    These are for a GK MB210 bass amp.
    Any ideas?
    Thanx, glen
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    What's the shaft length? 15/20mm?
    Here's 2kB with 15mm shaft, knurled from Mouser.
    Also, here's matching 50kB 15mm also from Mouser.


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      Thanx, Greg,
      I did find those with the switch and longer shaft. I'll have to see if the added depth of the switch will fit in this amp. Given the apparent rarity of the 2KB pots of this style, I may have to figure out a way to make those work.
      Thanx! Glen


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        Full Compass has these (look to be right). They are currently out of stock, but it says "call for alternative", so maybe they have something else that will work. It might be worth a phone call. Have you tried GK directly?
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          And did you CALL GK directly to ask?
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            Oops, sorry, somehow missed the forest for the trees and didn't notice the switch on that model.
            50kB is easy enough to find with the specs you require in the PTD901 series (as opposed the PTR901 I linked above), but looks like Mouser only stocks 2kB with a flatted D shaft. A search of Octopart gives no results for any "workable" variations (can trim the shaft length down):
            10% tolerance:
            PTD901-1015K-B202 15mm shaft
            PTD901-1020K-B202 20mm shaft
            PTD901-1025K-B202 25mm shaft
            PTD901-1030K-B202 30mm shaft
            20% tolerance:
            PTD901-2015K-B202 15mm shaft
            PTD901-2020K-B202 20mm shaft
            PTD901-2025K-B202 25mm shaft
            PTD901-2030K-B202 30mm shaft

            Might be worth giving each of the above a google as it gives localized results that may differ from what it returns for me. Might get lucky and find another source.


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              Thanx all for the suggestions. Thanx 'The Dude' I did find them on Full Compass but missed the note that they possibly have alternatives. To Greg: Thanx for the time put in researching that. It always seems to take forever to ferret out pots given all the parameters these little square ones take. To Enzo: Call the manufacturer?! That's WAYYYY too easy . Thanx man...