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  • RIP Enzo

    I don't post here much as I usually hang out over on TDPRI, but I did want to let you all know that Enzo passed tonight.

    While many people knew him as the all-knowing music electronics technician, he also was an expert in other fields as well, including coin-operated systems (pool tables, washing machines, etc), pinball machines, video monitors and arcade systems, and more things that are too many to list.

    If there is any good news, we get the privilege to reference the 36,609 posts he shared with us here, plus more on various other popular forums.

    I'll be sharing this link with his wife and family, so please leave any condolences, thoughts, or memories you wish to share.

    Remember: Isolate the problem, it's just a guitar amp, and education is what you're left with after you've forgotten what you've learned.

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    Very sorry to hear this, it's going to take a while to sink in.
    Thanks for sharing.


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      Thanks for the post.
      Enzo was one in a million.
      For sure he will be sorely missed.


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        I have no words at this time. I will. Not right now. Except to say that we should reach out to his wife if there's anything we can do. I'm literally broken right now.
        "Take two placebos, works twice as well." Enzo

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          Originally posted by Chuck H View Post
          I have no words at this time. I will. Not right now. Except to say that we should reach out to his wife if there's anything we can do. I'm literally broken right now.
          I don't think there's anything right this second, but I'm sending her this page as well as the replies. If something does come up, I'll be sure to let you all know.


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            That is so sad!
            Like said, he was truly one in a million.
            He was everyone's friend.
            For now, all I can say, is RIP Enzo!
            Yours Truly,
            "If Hitler invaded Hell, I would make at least a favourable reference of the Devil in the House of Commons." Winston Churchill


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              I never met Enzo in person but it always felt as though I had. Enzo had a perfect balance of genius level thinking mixed with a witty humor. This place will never be the same without him. Other than that I am at a loss for words. My condolences to his loved ones and family. RIP Enzo
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                This is going to take a long while to sink in - as g1 said. Definitely a defining moment for me.

                Enzo was the soul of generosity with his knowledge about electronics and has been a great mentor for many folk for many-a-year.
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                "I have never had to invoke a formula to fight oscillation in a guitar amp."- Enzo


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                  That's truly sad. While I don't post often, or even sign in as often as I used to, I do visit every morning to scan to see if anything is interesting. .
                  Enzo, I believe, has been here since the day I joined, long ago, from the recommendation of Bruce Collins of Mission Amps.
                  Any time he shared his knowledge or gave advice, he was one of those people you never had to doubt.
                  Even when I, or anyone else, asked a rookie question that might seem silly to most, Enzo had a respectful response, if he chose to respond.
                  While some very knowledgeable folks still remain, and can be counted on to give good information, the loss of Enzo to this community is almost exponential regarding the breadth and depth of his experience and knowledge.
                  He will be greatly missed. Condolences to his family.
                  RIP, Enzo.


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                    Oh no, that’s the news I’ve been dreading every time I’ve logged on here for the past couple of days.
                    I suppose really, following his congestive heart failure diagnosis, we’ve been lucky to have him around so long. But right now, that doesn’t make it any easier.
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                      Originally posted by pdf64 View Post
                      I suppose really, following his congestive heart failure diagnosis, we’ve been lucky to have him around so long.
                      Right? About 11 years.


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                        Wow this is sad. I don't post too much, but I read a lot, and Enzo is one of the names I see in here regularly that I know I can trust. I know he's helped me with my own issues, as he has with countless others, sharing his knowledge while asking for nothing in return. RIP to one of the good ones.


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                          Sad news for all of us. I have been greatly helped by Enzo, and almost every day received insight and humor from the man.
                          Wenzo, I'm sorry for your loss.
                          If it still won't get loud enough, it's probably broken. - Steve Conner
                          If the thing works, stop fixing it. - Enzo
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                            I never did get to buy him that beer. When I've been in MI I've been so busy and especially with COVID it just never worked. My highest compliment is someone who knows a lot without being a know-it-all. That was Enzo all day long. Godspeed Enzo.


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                              This is one of the hardest posts we all make- saying goodby to a friend.

                              The internet is an amazing thing. It gives us a chance to meet and interact with people that we would otherwise never know. And in many cases, we build friendships and bonds with others that cannot be explained. While we might never know your favourite band, fave song, fave food, we certainly can learn of your kindest and good soul. We can see your knowledge, wisdom, and caring to help others. I think that is in part why we are all here- to live, learn, and love.

                              We don’t think about love when we’re on this site. Most of us are more concerned with learning electronics theory, repair techniques, and amp repair, while trying to avoid killing ourselves at the same time. It is easy to forget that our friends here give of themselves to help others each and every day. And for that, we owe a great a great Thank You! And in reading the posts thus far, they are heart felt and express an admiration and love for our friend.

                              As we all feel this sadness today, can you imagine what the family and his close friends are feeling? It is never easy, losing someone who meant so much to others. But I do hope that Wendy and family know how much Enzo meant to all of us- not just as the guy who helped hundreds of us with our repairs, but as a trusted and loved friend.

                              The best way we can honor our friend is to carry on with what he taught us and to help others.