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Positive Grid Spark40 - Headphone amp IC

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  • Positive Grid Spark40 - Headphone amp IC

    Hello folks,
    this amp really is probably not worth the trouble of replacing this headphone amp IC flatpack, but thought I'd give it a shot on the forum for info as I'm pretty certain all Positive Grid would do is replace this little thing if it were in warranty.
    There are a couple of 'baby fly-shit' components that are charred and they lead to the flatpack that is presumably the headphone amp IC that has a hole blown in it. As with most newer micro electronics the number on the IC doesn't come up anywhere in a search as most likely it may have a prefix that I don't know (see pic).
    After being a member of the best music electronics forum for over 10yrs, I know there is someone out there that perhaps works on laptops that might have this IC in it or something that will give me a clue. I'll have to experiment on the blown resistors for values.
    If I come up with nothing, then it's time to inform cust of reality of this amp.
    Thanx all! glen

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    I think this is the IC;

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      Awesome...It's worth a shot. That's a lot closer than I could have gotten. I might be able to use the pic of the Headphone amp board you linked to make an educated guess on the smoked resistors, too.
      Thanx, glen


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        Aw poop,
        That IC is an SMD Leadless version and need the Gull wing variety. I doubt this version would match up with the gullwing pads as saving precious real estate with minimal footprint is the whole point. Still a good lead.
        I may just purchase the small headphone amp pcb that's offered for $2.99 on eBay & use the IC off of that. 'TPA6132 Differential-Balanced Stereo Headphone Amplifier Board HIFI AMP 2.3-5.5V'.
        ​Still not sure it'll work as the number is different, but for $3.00 worth a shot as this is the 2nd one of these amps I've seen this issue with.
        Thanx again! Glen


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          I can't find a spec sheet that shows a different package to the one linked to, yet the IC appears on numerous commercial boards with the pin type you need. Maybe there's an equivalent from a different manufacturer that's compatible. I too would buy a board and take off the IC. However, the Spark 40 has those resistors connected to the IC, which are not shown in the spec sheet and that may be something to consider.