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Can you please help me narrow down between these used oscopes?

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    Originally posted by nevetslab View Post
    1500VDC are NOT cheap. You can find them used, if you spend enough time looking.
    What are we talking here? $100 or $1,000?
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      Originally posted by Gtr0 View Post
      What are we talking here? $100 or $1,000?
      A Tektronix P5122 X100 probe is a bit over $300.


      I found a Hantek 100MHz X100 probe that I know nothing about on Amazon

      I'd suggest doing some research on the subject. I've always trusted my P6009 X100 probe, and had a P5100 X100 probe when I was at BGW Systems, which also worked just fine. I have some cheap $35 X100 probes that are only good for 500VDC, if that.
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        For a quick and cheap HV probe I made a probe tip extension with a 10 Meg / 1 Watt (500V rated) resistor. My probe is a Tektronix P6106 rated at 500V so I should be good to 1000V.
        The HF response will be compromised but I'm looking at DC or 120Hz ripple so it shouldn't matter.
        The last probe I blew up still worked at DC but had no HF. The 9 Meg resistor was still OK, it was the paralleled capacitor that opened.


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