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Old Transistor checker help

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  • Old Transistor checker help

    I recently acquired a Future Electronics FTC-401 transistor checker.
    It was made in Japan.
    i cant find a manual for it anywhere. There is a new company listed with the name “future Electronics “ but they know nothing of it.
    I have attached a photo. Anyone know anything about these units or perhaps have a manual?
    thank you.

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    Not sure need a manual at all.

    You plug a transistor in the socket, set polarity, set switch to measure current gain (Beta or Hfe) , the needle moves and you read the scale, period.
    If needle overshoots you set selector to a higher top value (max=800), if too small needle movement you set it to a more sensitive setting.

    Ic0 show unbiased current leak, the GROSS values shown hint at old Germanum transistors which were leaky as a sieve; modern Silicon ones will show almost 0
    Juan Manuel Fahey