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Need purchasing advice for an O-Scope

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  • Need purchasing advice for an O-Scope

    I'm a 1st-year hobbyist amp modder and would like to debug noise problems, etc. I assume a very simple O-scope would be sufficient, but my only experience is with using > $10K O-Scopes. Certainly I could get the Tube amp job done with a scope under $200? Any advice or recommendations for make/model? Are there trustworthy websites to purchase refurbs, etc, in the USA?

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    While waiting for others to chime in, you might considering reviewing two other MEF posts on Oscopes that I found-

    And there are probably more.

    I have a digital scope and for day to day use, a Tektronix 2205 dual Trace, something I purchased on eBay for < $100. My only complaint is that is does not have attenuation when measuring high AC voltages. But I use a 10:1 probe and have an attenuation box. So I am mainly looking at wave forms and not measuring RMS voltages.