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An old song remastered from vinyl w/video!

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  • An old song remastered from vinyl w/video!

    Hope you all take a moment to check it out! Thanks!

    Over The Top - Mike Milan Dedic - YouTube

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    Nice playing I love gratuitous guitar work (being a student of the late 80's to 90's). Not jumping up and down about the tone though. Which is kind of the point here on an amp/pickup/guitar forum.?. But keep putting yourself out there. Fun listening.
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      A real trip down memory lane. It's a good while since I've listened to any 80s neo-classical runs - my listening has roughly kept pace with my ability to play the songs, so really slowed down over the years. This took me right back to buying a Malmsteen recording on a bootleg tape from Camden market in London from a guy with a suitcase on a fold up stand. That was a really happy day and I was right back there. Thanks for the link.


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        Nice work!
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