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NEW & Improved Cortado MkII Contact Mic by Zeppelin Design Labs

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  • NEW & Improved Cortado MkII Contact Mic by Zeppelin Design Labs

    Zeppelin Design Labs has released the MkII version of the popular Cortado buffered balanced contact mic. New in this release:
    • Extended low-end response
    • Adjustable bias for optimal performance
    • Even lower noise floor than before
    • More durable transducer construction

    The Cortado featurs a tiny preamp that balances and buffers the signal from the piezo transducer, matching its impedance to your recorder or console. The circuit requires phantom power, and Zeppelin has also just released the Espresso Portable Phantom Power Supply, which you can find in its own post; just search Espresso.
    About half of our customers are sound designers working in film or gaming; about a quarter are field recorders or artists; and a quarter use the Cortado in music recording studios.
    Cortado MkII is now available either Ready-to-Use or as a DIY Kit at Zeppelin Design Labs, Etsy, and Reverb.
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    No dig intended. I'm sure it's a nice piece. Just an observation. That looks amazingly like a "Sucrets" box.
    "Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man."


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      Actually an Altoids box.


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