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music installation project using sensors

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  • music installation project using sensors

    Hi all.
    Hoping someone may be able to help. I'm completely new to electronics in music so please bare with me.

    I have to do a music installation for my degree and I'm thinking of using sensors to trigger tracks of my composition based on movement (the more movement, the more tracks are triggered)

    As i say I'm completely new to this so if anyone can give me any tips on how to get started I'd be really grateful.


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    I was asked a similar question by a Vassar student about 1990. One development was this: conductive rubber mats used to prevent static from damaging sensitive electronic components were set up as control voltage generators for old-fashioned synth modules. The mats served essentially as potentiometers with a DC voltage brought to one end, zero volts to the other, and dancers feet as the pickups for voltage sent to modules.

    These days I'm sure you could do a whole lot more with computer synthesis, say using a video image, picking a few pixel points on that image, interpreting pixel's brightness/color as control elements for "virtual" synth modules, for pitch, loudness, modulation etc. Movement to trigger sound? Program each sound module to remain silent unless there is a change in condition of the controlling pixel.

    I'm sure more ideas will follow, stay tuned! And welcome aboard!
    Enjoy. Every. Sandwich.


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      Thanks for the fast reply and the welcome.

      This really is completely new to me as I'm mostly a classical performer but wanted to try something out of my comfort zone so thanks for the suggestions. I'll look into these. Im sure more questions will follow too