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Custom Pedal Switch Build - Tone affected by relay

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  • Custom Pedal Switch Build - Tone affected by relay


    I'm building a customized guitar pedals switch. I tried two different kinds of relays, first I tried with the TQ2-5V-3 Panasonic Low Signal Relays - PCB but when driving the guitar signal through it changed the tone significantly lowing the treble and making it a little dark. I read in another forum that is best for this kind of projects to use reed relays so I bought some Hasco 711-5S. But even when they work better in terms of tone I still notice a slight change in the tone lowing the trebles.

    The tests I'm doing are connecting a female jack to each line pin of the relay and of course 5V power. Nothing else.

    Does anyone knows If I'm missing some kind of filter or signal booster that needs to go along the relay?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Impossible. Well, not. Get a lcr meter and see what your bypassed capacitance is.


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      How does it sound with a band? Its kind of like taking a movie singling out one actor editing the video to only show the actor. Real easy to get nit picky when your not looking at the whole package.
      What seems noticable with just a guitar gets lost in a mix.
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        And are you sure it is the relay itself? Switching systems often add more wiring and stuff, so you could ding your stuff surrounding the relay is dragging you down. Like the difference between a 6 foot guitar cord and a 30 foot cord.

        An experiment: remove the relay and solder a jumper wire in its place. This to simulate the condition. Now does plugging a guitar through it still lose anything? Or does it now sound transparent?
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          Relays are flat: either open or closed and a few pF capacitance across contacts which "do nothing".

          But as mentioned above,if they add a few feet of highisjh capacitance cable ....
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            Thank you for all the answers, I'll follow them and respond accordingly each one.


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