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Schematic for Peavey Renown Solo 115BW

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    Peavey Renown Solo 212 Schematic

    Looking for Schematic for Renown Solo Series, As Jayz states above, it is not the same as the Renown 400.

    Anyone have access to service manual that has schematic and locations on the circuit board?

    The sticker on the back says Model - 212 Renown.

    SN - 3A-01528692


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      Working on one of these with some intermittent connections and the power is always on!

      Switch is fine but after looking at the schematic I found in this thread the Triac is probably bad.

      Is it for surge protection?
      Strange how it's not on the 220v version.
      Oh well, let me dig up the PV semiconductor cross reference document and see what it is.


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        They use the triac to save the poor power switch.. It is a large amp, and the power switch has to switch a lot of current. SO they use a triac to turn power on and off, the switch then only has to turn the triac on and off. They don't use one on 240v models because the current at 240v is half what it is on 120v.

        It is a Q4025, or a Q4040 will work fine too. Those come in various shapes. That square thing on a plate is considered a TO3 case. If you can't find them, try Peavey parts department.
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          The PV cross doc. Says they are 2N6346 or SAC187 which I have.
          400v 25A.


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            No, I must have read something wrong, those two triacs are only around 12A/250v.


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              What did you look up there?

              The only Renown with a triac at all as far as I know is the Renown 400. That has a triac for the power switch. Schematic calls for a 70404025. That does not cross to the SAC187.

              SAC187 is the TO220 triac PV uses as a crowbar on the output of larger amps. As far as I know there is no Renown model that has that crowbar or that part.

              Of course there could be another Renown variant I don't have in my files. In which case they might have used the SAC187. The simple thing then it to look at the part in the amp. Is it a TO220? or a TO3? The TO3 is a square thing like a bridge rectifier but with three terminals, it is set on a metal plate like the base of a powr transistor. What number is printed on your part.
              Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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                You are correct about everything

                When I first searched for the 70404025 I thought or mis-read that it was similar to the others I listed.
                Probably because it was late and I was heading to bed.
                When I checked the specs this morning I noticed my mistake.

                It is a Reknown 400 with the Triac for the power switch.
                Thanks again.


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                  PV probably still has them. As I mentioned, yours is the Q4025 - 400v 25A. ON larger power amps, they used a 40 amp version, the Q4040. I only stocked the 40A as it works anywhere the 25 A works. SO if they are out of 25, ask for 40.

                  I looked in Mouser real quick and didn;t see any TO3 triacs. Other vendors may have them.

                  As with current, if someone has this in 600v or 800v version, no reason it won;t work.
                  Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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                    A quick search shows Magic Parts has them.
                    I may have a suitable one at work, but I'm off for the holidays (yay!)

                    Customer was in a hurry (as usual) too bad, they will have to wait for parts.


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                      The amp works, if he wants to turn it off, pull the plug from the wall.
                      Education is what you're left with after you have forgotten what you have learned.


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                        I have 2N6507G, 400v 25A except it's reverse blocking.


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                          I am working on a Renown Solo Series Amp (15" Black Widow version). It is a generation 1. Here is the schematic and board layout. When I get a better sense of what is going on, I will open a new thread. For now, just posting a schematic should anyone find this thread.

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                            Originally posted by TomCarlos View Post
                            Here is the schematic and board layout.

                            What an interesting diagram.