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Need schematic - NADY RPA - 4 Portable Amlifier system

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  • Need schematic - NADY RPA - 4 Portable Amlifier system

    Need schematic / service info for a NADY RPA - 4 100 Watt Amplifier. I have one that appears to have a dead power amplifier section. (Preamp seems OK.)

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    Policies can always change, so it can't HURT to call Nady and ask. However in my experience over the years, they have always said they do not issue schematics. At the time, my service facility was authorized for all the major brands, and I asked them about becoming a service center. They told me they did not have service centers, any repairs were done at the factory.
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      You can contact the Customer Service Department at (510) 652-2411. press 2


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        Just an update.... I attempted to contact the company and all attempts reach voicemail or are unanswered. They did not respond via e-mail either.... says a lot about how they work.... Giving up at this point.....