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Vox (Marshall) AC15

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  • Vox (Marshall) AC15

    I'm after the schematic for a Marshall-built Vox AC15 from the late-90s that I'm trying to remotely diagnose with the owner.

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      Thanks. I found it here;

      It's the one listed as AC15 reissue. The drawings and part numbers have the Marshall house-style and the amp internals are very 90s Marshall.


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        Failing solder joints were a problem on the couple of these I've worked on.

        It seems rather misleading to describe this model as a reissue
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          Agreed - on the same basis you could describe any 2xEL84 as an AC15 reissue. I established yesterday that this one had lost it's heater supply and one T4A fuse is open. I've had this particular amp in for repair about 4 years ago and couldn't remember if it had a rectified heater supply as per some 90s Marshalls. Luckily not, so maybe just a fatigued fuse.


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            Originally posted by Mick Bailey View Post
            maybe just a fatigued fuse.
            Just had that a couple days ago. Had worked on the unit a month or so back, supposedly tubes not lighting up but everything seemed fine. Cleaned the heater fuse clips, did some resoldering, never exhibited any problem for me. Now when it came back heaters were dead. Fuse was visibly all intact but measured open. Did an autopsy on the fuse and it had lost it's connection at the end cap, looked a bit corroded.
            Happy to finally find something as I think that was why it came in the first time, just must have connected again for awhile.
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