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  1. Need behringer super x pro cx3400 schematic

    Hi, can anyone share schematic for Behringer super x pro cx3400 crossover. Thanks to you all members.
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    Need schematic for THUMP 12 1000W

    Hi ,kindly help me by sharing Mackie Thump 12. Thank you all members
  3. Inbalanced drive voltage in power amp

    Hi, it always comes to me with this kind of situation chanel with inbalanced drive voltage .Can any one suggest simple method for repairing in this type faults
  4. Request for Studiomaster p series PA3.0 schematic.

    Hi I got this studiomaster pa3.0 ,with burnt components.Kindly help me get the schematic for it.Thanks to all.
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    Schematic needed Phonic PAA6

    Hi kindly help get the schematic for Phonic PAA6 audio analyzer
  6. Help needed schematic request for Phonic PAA6

    Hi ,receivd this Phonic audio analyzer PAA6.But I dont have schematic.Anyone want to share?Please help me.
  7. Thanks Doctor for your help.Repaired Marshall amp...

    Thanks Doctor for your help.Repaired Marshall amp within one hour,without schematic you sent for me it was very difficult.Thanks again for your cooperation.
  8. Request Marshall MG100HCFX schematic

    Yesterday I got it( Marshall MG100 HCFX) for repairs.The foot switch connecting circuit is burnt.Kindly help me find the schematic for it.Thank you all.
  9. Schematic request for PROEL V10A monitor

    Hi, I am having trouble with PROEL V10A Monitor. Alll power supply parts are missing.Please help me find schematic for it .Thanks again.
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    Schematic request Mackie SRM450V3

    Hi all members, kindly help me find schematic for Mackie SRM450 V3 model.Thanks to you all.
  11. Help, need schematics for Electro Voice CPS4.10

    Hi ,all members ,need little help
    Service manual or schematic ot Electro Voice CPS4.10
    Thanks to you all.
  12. Help,need schematics for Dynacord DSA 8410

    Hi thanks for your help.I have Dynacord DSA8410 on my table for repairs.I request all members,kindly help me find schematics for it.
    Thank you again.
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    Help Crown itech 4000 schematic

    Hi all members I request you to help me find crown itech4000 schematic.thanksto you all.
  14. Need help for Roland PA250C schematic

    Hi anyone having Roland PA250C poweredmixer.Kindly share it Thanks members.
  15. Arcotos lasertechnik viper 20000 schematic request

    Hi,need a help for schematic of ARCOTOS Lasertechnik Viper 20000
    green laser systeme schematic
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    Fiveo light15 schematic

    Hi anyone having fiveo light15 schematic,please share.
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    Philips SPA8000B

    Anybody having service manual for Philips SPA8000B home theater.I am stuck with no remote function.
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    QSC Touch Mix16

    Hi, anybody want to share service manual for QSC Touch Mix16.Help will be appriciated.
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    Lab Gruppen FP14000

    Hi, anybody having sm for labgruppen fp14000 4 channel amp want to share it.I am stuck up with burnt board problem.thanks
  20. Soundcraft Spirit Powerstation 1200

    Hi, anybody has schematic for Soundcraft Spirit Powerstation 1200, kindly help me
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